Move D / Pete Namlook | Reissued 003

Move D / Pete Namlook

reissued 003

Label: Away Music

Status: Landed

12" Away Music Deep House Move D Pete Namlook Techno


Der Strahlende Verlierer

Hardwired Tangent

Hardwired Hypotenuse + Asymptote

Black Vinyl copies.

This third installment features some exceptional pieces that were previously only available on CD. Move D and Pete Namlook’s innovative and influential works keep inspiring electronic music producers today. “Der Strahlender Verlierer”, from the 2006 Album begins atmospherically before pushing subtly into open filter and undulating synth territory. Introspective and accepting, the piece gradually lets the sum of its parts coalesce into a peaceful whole with sustained chords and the flicker of played steel strings. The next two are both from he 2001 Album “Wired” - deep in their atmospheres…