Miro Sundaymusiq / Avsluta | One EP

Miro Sundaymusiq / Avsluta

one ep


Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Pacifist Techno Version]

Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Non Pacifist Trance Version]

Avsluta – Meditation 03

Avsluta – Meditation 18 [On a Summer’s Day]

Highly recommended advanced ambience!... Stunning debut from London based E2-E8 out of Luca’s show on Netil Radio... founder of the station Miro Sundaymusiq takes the A side with suspended, emotive number perfectly encompasses Miro’s world, where ambient rooms and rapturous deep trance seamlessly bond together. The Pacifist Techno Version is purely for the mind, while the Non Pacifist Trance Version engages your body and translates the same emotions to the dance floor. The B side is home to two Meditations from the creative flare of Avsluta, two rich and articulate works.