Miki | OCD presents The Secret Sun: Miki - The 7 Kumaras


ocd presents the secret sun: miki - the 7 kumaras


Anse Takamaka

Art Of Libido


Italian proggy / trippy house… Miki “The Dolphin” together with Francesco Farfa and Roby J, is one of the pioneers of the Italian progressive scene that formed in the early 90’s in Tuscany. Know for his productions on Interactive Test and his own Major Hypnotic Key Institute… OCD/SS HQ, gained access to Miki’s personal DAT archives to scour for the goods and give us two previously unreleased gem “Anse Takamaka”, created together with the late jazz bass player Bruno Corticelli, and “Shamballa”. To close the EP, “Art Of Libido” is a highly sought after track previously released on Interactive Test.