Mike Welch | Renovations Remastered 2024



Colorado Country Girl

Take Me Back

Rainey Nights and Can-dlelights

Dickies Blues

Welfare Man

All My Life

My Funny Girl

In My Dreams

Home Coming

Streets of My Town

A rare private pressing from 1981 gets a loving remaster from Simon Mills [BENT] and a reissue on the NuNorthern Soul label Ace compialtion compiler, Paul Hillery [BBE, ReWarm] has spent time interviewing Mike Welch about this project and will be included as extensive sleeve notes on the release. This is a very special Blue Eyed Soul album with heavy Country leanings or as Paul puts it ' A record made by a musician, having to work hard by day and then put it all on the line in the studio at the weekend. Reflective songwriting and tight musicianship are given the space to breathe and un-smothered by overproduction. Difficult to tag, harder to find, essential re-issue business.' Copies of this are very hard to come by and go for silly money on Discogs which is a shame as the world needs to hear this album. 1LP vinyl with heavy card insert.

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