Meftah | Information Travels Through EP


information travels through ep

Label: Unknown Label
Cat No: AOM001

Status: Landed

12" Deep House Meftah


Music That Excites Me 

6 Minutes 

Alive In The Future

Moral Of My Story 

Patient For Now

Back in… Detroit jazzed… You may have spotted this guy remixing Amp Fiddler on Mahogani Music - this low key 12" highlights him as a serious talent to keep tabs on in the Detroit music community. There's no hiding his musical roots and influences, as dusty keys, live bass and loose, expressive percussion intertwine in a mellow, bluesy haze. This is cut from the same cloth as Kenny Dixon Jr, Theo Parrish, Jay Daniel and scores of others, but Meftah has his own mellow mood to impart on these five addictive, seductive trips through deepest jazz-inflected house.