Masters At Work / KenLou | Lost Tapes 1



Masters At Work - MAW Apes Groove

KenLou - Lost I'm Ready (Sax Dub)

Masters At Work - Virus Ruff Mutes

KenLou - KenLou Thump

MAW house heads are drooling at this 2x12" pack - ouch that price tho!

Masters At Work dig into the archives and find GEMS. Having their 2 Inchmaster tapes (over 750 tapes) stored for over 25 years, Kenny and Louie pulled the tapes out and had them transferred to digital files. In their findings on each 2 inch there were 2-3 tracks on each tape never heard before.

They’ve taken those tracks and mixed them to perfection, but leaving the rawness of the original feel and recordings made over 25 - 30 years ago. These are gold nugget findings for MAW and today they have the new MAWLOST TAPES series, released on Maw Records, which will give you a taste of those early findings.

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