Masters At Work | Funky Anane / MAW Want You

Masters At Work

funky anane / maw want you


Funky Anane (MAW Jazz Dub)  

MAW Want You  

Maw Records continues to unleash mo' Maw Lost Tapes... Funky Anane’ brings forth the genius Kenny Dope layered, thick beats, syncopated snares, long with thumpin’ kicks and snaps to compliment the Louie Vega walking bassline and deep organ/clarinet sounds playing chords.

From the archives, we pulled this track out noticing the new parts never heard along with the vocal sample which was actually Anane’s first time in the studio with Masters At Work behind the mic back in 96’.

Maw Want You is an early signature Maw groove that inspired many house producers to pull from that vibe.