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Boyd's Jam (On The Organ Mix)  

Boyd's Jam (MAW Synth Dub)  

Boyd's Jam (MAW Zipper Beats)  

MAW Records release the next tracks in line from the Maw Lost Tapes digging saga

This release entails the story of a special studio session by one of the NY House Pioneers who brought you 'The Music's Got Me' by Visual along with his partner Timmy Regisford back in 1982. His name is Boyd Jarvis (RIP), a keyboard genius, also one of the early creators of this unique sound. Masters At Work had only a few rare sessions in the early 90s with Boyd and the outcome are some of these stunning outtakes on 'Boyd's Jam' produced by MAW. Driven by the Zipper sound and swinging house KD beats in MAW style, the Boyd bassline carries the tune in the pocket groove with LV chords bringing atmosphere and mood. Then comes the Boyd magic with his organ solo ripping through the hypnotic groove.