Marma Boog | Hypnotizing a Kookaburra

Marma Boog

hypnotizing a kookaburra


Hypnotizing a Kookaburra (Italo Mix)

Hypnotizing a Kookaburra (Mood Mix)

East of Canada

Hyperspace pumper 4/4 business for Orange Tree edits

Marma Boog hits with an Italo mix of ‘Hypnotizing a Kookaburra’ to kick things off. Proper synth hypnotism with that cosmic kookaburra in tow.

On the flip a dark percussive, tribal-tinged chugger in the form of the Mood Mix with a familiar vocal that sits all too sweetly in the midst of the psychedelic stomping.

Keeping it on a similar tip and rounding off the EP in style, ‘East of Canada’ powers on through - a downtempo, piano poised, acid-laden trip to expand your mind.