Manabu Nagayama | Light And Shadow (Masalo Version)

Manabu Nagayama

light and shadow (masalo version)

Label: Rush Hour

Status: Landed

12" 12" of 2023 Deep House Manabu Nagayama Masalo Rush Hour


Light And Shadow (Masalo Version)

Light And Shadow (Original Version)

This musically expansive and uplifting Japanese deep house workout first featured on a promo-only compilation back in 2015 and has been a sleeping giant ever since …..A softly spun slab of slow-building brilliance full of fluid piano motifs, heady hand percussion, the track effortlessly sashays between heartfelt dancefloor melancholia and tactile deep house positivity. Antal asked Masalo to remix it. Over ‘a few years’, Masalo worked on the revision in bursts, tweaking it and subtly altering the arrangement until he was happy.

Taking the spiritual end of deep house as his inspiration – and happy memories of attending events while visiting Japan – the Dutch-Japanese producer has delivered a slowly-building epic that subtly ratchets up energy and excitement throughout, while effortlessly eking out every last drop of emotion from Manabu’s piano-laden production. Road-tested and powerful.