Malik Alston | In a Better Way



Change (Soul Power mix)

Promise Me Love (Just One remix)

In A Better Way (Change)

Detroit’s Malik Alston is a man of many talents, singing and producing to djing and performing poetry

‘In A Better Way’, the downtempo collaboration with fellow Detroiters Jason Hogans and John Arnold, appears here in an extended version on the B side and gets a full house treatment with the help of Dwayne Jensen on the main side to become a relentless gospel house anthem... To complete the EP an exquisite remix of Alston’s ‘Promise Me Love’ by Kemetic Just’s own Just One which features the sublime vocals of Laronn Dolley.

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Mother Tongue

Tags: 12", Backcatalog oc22, Deep house, Detroit, Malik alston, Mother tongue

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