Mal Waldron | Reminicent Suite

Mal Waldron

reminicent suite

Label: BBE
Cat No: BBE682ALP

Status: Landed

Avant-garde Avant-garde Jazz BBE Jazz LP Mal Waldron Post Bop


Reminicent Suite: Dig It Deep Down Baby/Echoes/Once More With Feeling

Black Forest


Tip!  BBE Music J Jazz Masterclass Series ....two giants of jazz brought together to deliver an exceptional album, working with a band of the very best Japanese jazz musicians.
‘Reminicent Suite’ by American pianist Mal Waldron and Japanese trumpeter Terumasa Hino was originally released in 1973 on the famed Victor label and was one of several Japan-only albums recorded and released by Waldron over a thirty-year period, most of which have never been available outside Japan. ‘Reminicent Suite’ comprises two extended tracks, both taking up a side each. The title track on Side A is composed by Waldron, and is a dark, brooding heavy groove typical of his early 70s sound. ‘Black Forest’ on side B is written by Hino and is a vivid and energetic piece, layered and textured with dense percussion and  Hino’s signature trumpet tone.