Luis | 057 (Schwyn)


057 (schwyn)


Timmy Chalamet

Or Anyone Said It


We Still Or Nah

Jack Anderson

NYC deep reggaeton sensation DJ Python revives his cult alias, Luis, with this reflective ode to his best friend. The five tracks here represent the inscrutable mix of detachment and contentment that made DJ Python's Mas Amable a modern touchstone, but the 057 (Schwyn) EP also possesses the heartfelt '90s sheen that is Luis's sonic signature. Idiosyncratic rhythms and twinkling ambiance build patiently before arriving at the blissed breakbeat closer.

"missen and loven. schwyn and i go into each others lives here and there quiet and present. always missen and loven. to know he is on the earth is to know that it is beautiful." - Brian Piñeyro

Dedicated to Matthew Schnipper.