log(m) & Laraaji | The Onrush Of Eternity

log(m) & Laraaji

the onrush of eternity


Daisy Fields                    

Sruthi Dub Resonance                  


Pollinator (Eternal Opuscule #120)            

Stamens (Eternal Opuscule #121)            

Oregano In Dub Minor                 

Sunken Forest                    

Daisy Dub              

Beat Resonance (Eternal Opuscule #118) 

Gyration (Eternal Opuscule #119)          

Time Zone Conversations               

Deeping Breathely                  

Oregano In E-Minor                

All That Spins (Eternal Opuscule #124) 

Sruthi Box Resonance        


Be As You Are                       

Be As You Will (Eternal Opuscule #126)      

Sundog Suite                      

Pear Strings             

Pair of Seeds (Eternal Opuscule #122)          

Spiral Activator                    

Final Oscillator (Eternal Opuscule #117)     

Sundog Reprise (Eternal Opuscule #125)    

Beautiful sparkling new age dub sounds - have been absorbed since 2019 and are highly appreciated!

Triple LP - Limited run of 300 units repressed on transparent dark green vinyl featuring ten of log(m)'s signature eternal opuscules and cryptic engravings on all three discs.