Leif | 9 Airs


9 airs

Label: AD93
Cat No: WHYT046

Status: Landed

AD93 Ambient Backcatalog oc22 Leif LP


Seven Hour Flight To Nowhere 

Hold Gem Cut

Hiding In Plain Sight 

Looking Inside To See How It Works

Low D

Emotional Risk Assessment 

Every Weather

Wake Up Now 

Tapping On A Hollow Body

The wonderful Leif for Whities! Beautiful deep LP.

Where does the memory of a melody reside? Lucid phrases and half-remembered intonations buried somewhere folded into times and places. 9 Airs took shape during an unconscious reconnection with music long since forgotten; an instinctive recall for melodies played out on guitar, low whistle and voice. Recordings of these revived melodies became the starting point for new pieces, the audio manipulated, processed and folded back into the fabric.