Lea Lisa | Love To The End EP

Lea Lisa

love to the end ep


Love To The End (Manchester Club Mix)

Love To The End (Sunset Mix)

After her Karakul release, Phonica welcome back Swiss producer Lea Lisa on their main imprint. Big smiling face warm house sounds - main mix with a monster breakdown , even some subtle drop rolls too , hooks and good vibes.


The ‘Love To The End EP’ takes influence and inspiration from a particular early 90s UK Techno rarity by Mark Goddard titled ‘The End’ (The Truth EP), a beautiful and emotive take on the classic sound of UK Techno that’s been much loved and highly sought after for decades, even being a particular favorite of Aphex Twin. It’s an ode to the original, rather than a remix or cover. The two mixes re-imagine the sound of soulful and deep Techno, combining driving basslines and drum machine grooves with atmospheric and nostalgic synth lines.

On the A-Side’s ‘Manchester Club Mix’, the focus is laser-focused on peak time dancefloors with a slowly building level of euphoria matched with rolling drums until the breakdown chills the mood and the plucky, earth-shaking bassline returns before the tension is released and the melodies float effortlessly around the pounding rhythm.

Over on the B-Side, the ‘Sunset Mix’ jacks up the drums with kicks and claps that shake your spine. The bassline rolls steadily throughout the mix but the melodic lines this time are more restrained, introspective and subtle, echoing and harking to past rave memories with ease...