LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) | The Remedy



Touch Down

Vanguard Ft. Tyrone Isaac Stuart


Finesse Ft. Allysha Joy

Levs Ft. Tyone Isaac Stuart

Medulla Oblongata Ft. Rara Zulu

Dj President Believe

Givin Up Ft. Allysha Joy

Dance High



Reason Ft. Tyrone Isaac Stuart

The Score

The Remedy

The Journey

Travellin Ft. Oliver Night

Finesse Jam Down Version

Givin Up Ft. Allysha Joy Remixed By Shall I Bruk It

IG Culture draws parallels between the complex world of fungi and London's Underground dance music scene. Both are intricate networks that thrive beneath the surface, connecting diverse elements and influencing one another. The London dance music scene, like fungi, encompasses a variety of styles and genres, and Subcultures that may go unnoticed to the casual observer but are musical corner stones in our society. Dance floors and clubs serve as spaces for communal healing, allowing people to let go of daily stresses and connect through music and dance. I G Culture's "The Remedy" celebrates this vibrant underground culture and highlights the interconnectedness of all musical styles. Through his innovative production and thematic depth, he underscores the transformative power of dance music, emphasizing its role in promoting well-being and unity. The idea of Fungi also is expressed in the artwork by Amsterdams 'Machine' with IG's direction, who used fungi in an original collage revealing a secret world.


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Super-sonic Jazz

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