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Larry Heard

25 years from alpha


25 Years From Alpha

Mercurian Funk

Feathers Floating

Repressed! Larry from 2008 in a different mode back then, soundtrack electro soul essential really.

“Another classic by highpriest Larry Heard. Three tracks prove again the man's genius and unparalleled talent in squeezing true emotions and funk out of his machines and lift you into a state of euphoria. The a-side holds a long, mid-tempo 80s electrofunk groove with beautiful richly textured synth melodies. Flip over for a slightly rawer Fingers style workout with highly emotive strings and a perfect end-of-the-night tune with a gorgeous piano solo showing heard's strong roots in jazz”.

Feathers Floating features on the now class Theo Parrish mixtape Suggested Use Pt. 1.