Konkolo Orchestra | Blue G. / That Good Thing

Konkolo Orchestra

blue g. / that good thing


Blue G. (Single Edit) [feat. Nongoma]

That Good Thing (Single Edit)

The Konkolo Orchestra , led by multi-instrumentalist Alexis Malefakis, with these 2 positive vibrant afro funk jams.

"A side, Blue G. opens explosively and delivers all that it promises in the opening bars: beautifully orchestrated twists and turn that chug along instrumentally for half the track. South African singer Nongoma unexpectedly adds a vocal spin in English and Xhosa - positive solar energy.

The B side, That Good Thing, follows on at exactly the same tempo, weaving horns, guitars, keys and numerous percussions in and out of an equally infectious groove. A highly polished track, full of rises and falls in all the right places”.

Transparent Blue Vinyl 7”.