Kokoro Disco San | Sunshine EP

Kokoro Disco San

sunshine ep


Sunshine (JKriv Beach Burn Mix) 


Jungle Deep (Extended Mix)

Sunshine (JKriv SPF76 Mix)

Jkriv gets that beach party uplifting sunshine rave-up vibe in his extended mix here...

A collective of musicians led by Barcelona-based producer Miguel Ferre Falcon, Kokoro Disco San first appeared on the RNT radar with their 2019 Isla Fantasia release on Rocafort Records.

KDS now brings their uncanny ability to capture the mood and instrumentation of classic disco and soul with the uplifting summer anthem 'Sunshine' and the Candido-esque sonic journey 'Jungle Deep.' Rounding out the EP are two remixes of the title track by label co-head JKriv, who delivers an extended acidic exploration with his Beach Burn Mix, and a bumped-up yet loving treatment of the original song with his SPF76 Mix.