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Swahili Lullaby

Teekon Warriors

Daisy High

Swahili Lullaby (Synkro's Balearic Dub Mix)

Swahili Lullaby (Talking Drums Redub)

Khartomb's Post-Punk/Reggae tinged masterpiece Swahili Lullaby/Teekon Warriors influenced by contemporaries of the time The Slits & The Raincoats was originally released on 45, 23rd June 1983. Was their only vinyl release - 40 years later, the tracks have been exclusively licensed by BiD alongside the previously unreleased Pat Nevin favourite 'Daisy High'.

Swahili Lullaby - Under the radar post punk jam with killer drums, dubby bassline and spidery guitar, topped off by a haunting melancholic vocal.
Teekon Warriors - Deep ode to the fallen, dope drums, angular guitar, tribal drums and a sweet vocal.

Daisy High - Peel dubbed Daisy High "Subversive MOR" who are we to disagree, haunting flute peppered slow jam with a bossa feel & a sick guitar lick.
Synkro's Balearic Dub takes the original version and sends it to a transcendental spiritual realm, creating a future classic for Sunrises and Sunsets for the next millennium.

The Talking Drums Redub tweeks, extends & amps up the Dub Pressure to maximum psychedelic levels.


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Before I Die

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