Kerri Chandler | Spaces and Places: Album Sampler 4

Kerri Chandler

spaces and places: album sampler 4


Kerri Chandler Feat. Dreamer G 'Hurry Up' (Kerri’s Again Mix) [Ministry of Sound]

Kerri Chandler 'I See' (Instrumental) [Razzmatazz]

Kerri Chandler Feat. Mona Lee 'Joyful Life' (Full Vocal Mix) [De Marktkantine]

Kerri Chandler 'Dirty' (No Guitar Mix) [Rex]

Kerri Chandler 'I See' (Full Mix) [Razzmatazz]

Kerri Chandler Feat. Dreamer G 'Hurry Up' (Instrumental) [Ministry of Sound]

Kerri Chandler 'Sunrise' [Watergate]

Kerri Chandler Feat. Mona Lee 'Joyful Life' (Vibeappella) 

Four strong Kerri house cuts with instrumental/dub mixes - split over different sides of this double pack for dj pleasure...

Back with another big gatefold, a double 12 inch package for this fourth sampler in the series, that sees Kerri place himself slap bang in the middle of five more of the best clubs the world has to offer. Setting up a makeshift studio workspace in the dancefloor holy grails that are Ministry of Sound, Rex, Razzmatazz, De Marktkantine and Watergate, Kerri soaks up the energy, vibe and atmosphere that each distinct club has within its walls, to translate it into a track in a way that only he knows how. Trademark precision, packed with soul and delivered with a weighty bottom end.