Kenny Larkin | Keys, Strings, Tambourines

Kenny Larkin

keys, strings, tambourines




Keys, Strings, Tambourines

Wake Me



Bass Mode (Original Mix)

Bass Mode (12 Mix)

Cirque De Soul

Deja Vu

You Are...Light

You Are…Dark

2008 Kenny Larkin LP (originally a double Planet E) gets the triple vinyl reissue on his own Art Of Dance - Unique Detroit techno artist gives his take on the classy soulful electronic techno and house sound  - Black vinyl

Label blurb:

"Yet another advanced, singular and funked-out techno milestone that bears all of Larkin's idiosyncratic stylings and melodic touches. Once more he shows us how it's done, sounding like nothing you've heard from him previously, 'Keys, Strings, Tambourines' is a truly adventurous record that defies categorisation today. Quietly influencing producers and DJs since its release, it points to where techno can go and what it can be and is a truly and criminally overlooked modern Detroit techno classic. This is an essential purchase for all electronic machine-funk aficionados worldwide. This special expanded edition boasts a slightly reshuffled track order and some additional cuts that were only available on singles at the time, now giving the world 3 solid slabs of futurist techno sonics for the believers! Essential music from the motor city".