Kennedy | Dream 2


dream 2




Pure deep techno, ambient and Detroit-inspired first 12" was a favourite here!

"Kennedy again uses the power of machines to translate his late-night dreams and spaced-out thoughts into two tracks of borderless hi-tech soul music. This second musical manifestation of dreams is the newest in a unique series of thoughts, sensations and sounds occurring from a person's mind, translated by machines.

These are sounds that are always playing somewhere in your deepest subconscious mind. They're like a portal into another dimension where predictable arrangements do not exist. Chords seep and bleed into one another. Melodies drop from above like the liquid colours of an acid trip. They have blurred edges. The cloudy focus of each track means you sink in deep and latch on to an astral synth line that takes you higher, or find yourself gazing in wonder at the sci-fi bleeps that gently drift by".