Karlos Moran | MMG06


Return to the promised land


Seek and you will find


Early house roots productions in 2022 Karlos continues his craft "Suspicious" and Voskhod" proper house gems. "Return.." is like a tributes to Sterling Void . "Seek And..." with a different disco flip - a Loose Joints influence/remake- his sound is like an early Chicago / Daniel Wang blend!

Karlos Moran, the wunderkind from Kansas City returns to his own Moran Music Group label (helmed by the people at Klasse Wrecks no less) for his 5th release. Showcasing the producer's flair for classic US Deep House tropes and a deft talent when it comes to singing and playing instruments live, MMG005 is a collection of 4 tracks of wonderful and positive vibes. Trainspotters might notice something familiar and newcomers might discover a new favourite artist, step into the house of Moran and enjoy.

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Klasse Wrecks