Kaidi Tatham | Don't Rush The Process



Mystery Solved

Don't Rush The Process (feat The Easy Access Orchestra)

Just Not Right Rudi

All I Need

We Chillin' Out (feat The Easy Access Orchestra)

Knocknee Donkey

Any Flavour

Funky Fool

Sooretama (feat Robert Mitchell)

Runnin' Tru

What A Dream

Mind Yourself


This is Kaidi's 4th solo album under his own name, a hugely prolific artist - this collection has really impressed us with its varied takes and moves for the complete album project. The tracks with the The Easy Access Orchestra really take on a new good vibe classic disco boogie sound.


This new album 'Don't Rush The Process' opens with an intro of sweet strings on 'Mystery Solved', ahead of lead title track, which is on a mid-tempo boom bap vibe, before switching to a more uptempo boogie vein, with the assistance of The Easy Access Orchestra, who also appear on 'We Chillin' Out', which is on a similar boogie tip. 'All I Need' is some gospel flavoured hip hop, whilst 'Knocknee Donkey' steps things up in a jazz-funk fashion. The second half of the album takes on a very Brazilian flavoured stance, with a set of delicious latin flavoured grooves on 'Any Flavour', 'Runnin' Tru', 'What A Dream' and 'Sooretama', the latter featuring the additional prowess of pianist Robert Mitchell. There's a touch more of the hip hop beats thrown in via 'Funky Fool' and the album closes out in inimitable Kaidi style with a short message: 'Mind Yourself'.


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