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K1 & Marty Bonds

cosmic fight


Cosmic Flight (K1 - Navigational Mix)

Cosmic Flight (K1 - Instrumental Mix)

To Fly (Marty Bonds Interdimensional Mix)

Cosmic Flight (K1 - Bass Acapella)

Detroit old school K1 (Keith Tucker) & Marty Bonds... Cosmic Fight gets bodies jumping with a killer bubbly bass line in true 'K1' fashion. Hard drums, infectious bass, alien-like signature vocals to show off Keith Tucker's writing skills...

"To Fly" is a deep electro masterpiece brought to you by Mr. Marty Bonds. Deep street bass dances amongst the spectral electronic percussions and commanding vocals in an intense mission for those who like to get their groove on. Also a head-nod to the"Hellraiser 2" sample that inspired this composition.