Jurassic 5 | Quality Control

Jurassic 5

quality control

Label: PIAS
Cat No: PIASC1024LP

Status: Landed

2xLP Conscious Hip Hop Jurassic 5 PIAS


How We Get Along 

The Influence 

Great Expectations

Quality (intro) 

Quality Control



World Of Entertainment (WOE Is Me) 

Monkey Bars 

Jurass Finish First 



The Game 

Concrete & Clay 

Swing Set 

Modern hip hop history repressed.

In June 2000, after nearly seven years since their inception, esteemed underground rap collective Jurassic 5 finally released their debut full-length album after the classic EP three years prior. Featuring DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist’s skilful turntablism alongside the group’s signature harmonies and individual solos.