JJ+JS | Peeled



6AM (Iris Mix)

Lily Pad (with Izella)

Low Western

Dog Days

Meetings and Partings


Syntropy (with J)

Yves Body Painting

JJ - John Jones (AV Moves, Geo Rip, among others) and JS – Jesse Sappell (of Motion Ward) debut on Daisart - Deeper forward electronic and ambient moves.

"They flex their collaborative energies across an album of deep, textured meanderings in rhythm and sound on the perennial Lillerne Tapes. “peeled” sees the two pick up where they left off and veer into a ~ place ~ of sound, of sorts.

This place is likely familiar to those following the duo's output and goings-on, as one together and as themselves apart, but with a tweak to the framing of projects past, naturally. Where we find ourselves with “peeled” is reflective of the two’s interest in jamming without a specific destination in mind, a distillation of the two’s interests in a range of sounds and styles.

And though there is some arcane resemblance to all manner of ethereal music of the past, on this vaporous dream of a record, the haze shimmers somehow; the shake’s shudder is dissimilar.

There’s a pair of key interventions on this collection: one a wistful vocal guesting from Izella on the not-quite-folk mood ‘Lily Pad’, the other on ‘Syntropy’, where Daisart’s J pitches layers of texture and chord in polyrhythmic impression. Both bring something refined to the table on which JJ+JS work air into mirage, color into scene, folding the mundane into the magical."

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Tags: 12", Daisart, Electronic, Experimental, Jj+js

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