Jeroboam | Turn Down The Lights


turn down the lights

Label: Space Grapes
Cat No: SGP007

Status: Landed

12" Disco Disco Edits Jeroboam Space Grapes


Turn Down The Lights

Turn Down The Lights (Dub)

Take Me To New York

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Parisian funk band Jéroboam returns with their second single for Space Grapes, delivering two slices of modern disco heaven sure to turn heads.

Influenced by the deeper side of late 70s New York (think Mancuso, Gibbons and Levan), the single features both vocal and dub versions of the dancefloor jam "Turn Down The Lights“, as well as the trippy, almost 10 minute long remix version of "Take Me To New York", full of spacey FX, percussion madness and unexpected turn.