Jephte Guillaume Feat Duke Guillaume | Sove Yo (Save Them)

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Sove Yo (Save Them) (Vokal mix)

Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Cosmic mix)

Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Electronic version)

Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Rhythms)

New Sacred Rhythm authentic - check the Duke and Jephte Rhythms dub - the drums!

“A collaboration between two immensely talented Blood Brothers. Afro House Originator Jephte Guillaume joined by his multi-talented brother Duke Guillaume have come together in the midst of a never-ending conflict and chaos to produce a composition that speaks to the heart of what is desperately needed now and forever. The composition is such that we can legitimatly go on with regards to its infectious rhythms and melody”.

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Sacred Rhythm