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In A Traumatized World


Those Who Worked Against Us

Mass Hypnosis

Hold And Command

Wonderous Butterfly

Sacred Iridescent Mirror (The Pledge)

In A Traumatized World (Human Toll Mix)

Another deep electronic trip by Detroit Techno master, Jeff Mills. ''Trauma and the shock effect of it - the leftover residue of harsh reality so impactful that it shapes the way you imagine, envision and calculate your position in regard to everything and everyone around you. A new type of psychological radius evolves. Boundaries are reinforced. Relationships are recessed. A damaged brief system float aimlessly. Vulnerable to and for anything reminiscent of a worthy cause. The truth about facts became satirical monologue, dead end expressions that have no critical arrangement. We all know someone that either has been or will be'' - Jeff Mills.
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Tags: 2xlp, Axis, Detroit, Detroit techno, Jeff mills, Techno

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