Jeff Mills | The Clairvoyant 3LP

Jeff Mills

the clairvoyant 3lp


The Seance


Remote Viewing

Someone Who Feels Things

Calling All Loved Ones

Shadow With A Golden Aura

Wait, I Feel A Presence

Three Signs From The Other Side (First Sign) 

Three Signs From The Other Side (Second Sign)

Three Signs From The Other Side (Third Sign)

Questions, Decisions & Consequences

The Feeling Anything Is Possible

Dancing Shadows 

Ganzfeld Experiments

The Spirit World

Triple deep techno project from Jeff..."A Clairvoyant is a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. The album plays in the way of a metaphysical seance and should be listened to in a darkened, candle lit room. Asilent space, free of outside noise, chatter or talking and other visual distractions. The album should be listened in full - from beginning to end". - Jeff Mills