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Newport Bounce

Salegy Jef

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Buddah’s Vision

Veloma Lava

Valiha Del

Requiem pour Django

Dizzy 48



Reissue of this 1973 wordly jazz project by a crew from Madagascar linking with pianist and bandleader Jef Gilson in Paris....

In May 1972, the wave of anger and the thirst for freedom that had swept the world in 1968 arrived in Madagascar. The Malagasy youth took the opportunity to exile in search of a brighter future. Several of them, all jazz musicians and often polyintrumentalists, came to Paris with their afro hair and bellbottoms. Their names were Sylvin Marc, his cousin Ange "Zizi" Japhet, Del Rabenja, Gérard Rakotoarivony and Frank Raholison.

By chance, they crossed paths with  Jef Gilson, who they had already met as kids during a series of concert and workshops in Tananarive four years earlier. Gilson was a forward player on the Paris jazz scene... This meeting between two generations and two cultures created a new mix between jazz, traditional music and electric funk. Jef Gilson had reinvented himself yet again, and it wouldn’t be the last time.