Japanese Telecom | Virtual Geisha



The Making Of Ultraman

Beta Capsule

Cigarette Lighter

Enter Mrs Suzuki

Pagoda Of Sin

Virtual Origami 2

Virtual Geisha She Interacts

Japanese Matrix

Remote Transmitter

Mounting Yoko

Re-issue of the long out-of-print Virtual Geisha album by Japanese Telecom (aka Dopplereffekt / Der Zyklus) first released in 2001. A further exploration of the culture and technologies from the land of the rising sun by Heinrich Mueller on the successor to the Japanese Telecom EP. This time the inspiration is more adult and Manga orientated and even goes a little more 'poppy' with Y.M.O insprired tracks. On Virtual Geisha there's also a first glimpse of the directions he'd take his other projects in the future on tracks like 'Enter Mrs. Suzuki' and 'Japanese Matrix'. While still keeping true to his Detroit Hi-Tech Machine Funk roots with Electro anthems like 'The Making Of Ultraman' and 'Beta Capsule'. Remastered and re-issued for the first time since its original release. Essential!

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Clone Aqualung Series

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