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Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers

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Maze Of Sounds

Sweet Path

Say It Softly



Tha Boogee

It Never Ends

Quality album that's been around since 2020, we've had in the shop a couple of times but first time in properly - a library music/ rare groove fusion of sounds with a hip hop take... Legendary producer Janko Nilovic in collaboration with The Soul Surfers

Montenegrin born in Istanbul in 1941, a precocious pianist growing up in an embassy, a brilliant musician. Prolific composer speaking eight languages, he arranged music for jazz, pop music, adopting multiple identities.

For one label, he is Andy Loore; for another, Emiliano Orti. For others, he is called Alan Blackwell or Johnny Montevideo, but behind all these aliases, there is only one man: Janko Nilovic.