Jamiroquai | Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remixes) - One per customer


canned heat (dimitri from paris remixes) - one per customer


Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remix)  

Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remix Dubstrumental)

**One per customer**

Dimitri From Paris' Le Edits returns. Each track is meticulously remixed, remastered, and pressed onto virgin vinyl plates by the industry's finest, encased in top-tier old-school tip-on heavyweight sleeves adorned with captivating artwork. It's a level of care and attention to detail that sets Le Edits apart.

He revisits one of his beloved acts, the UK's own purveyors of jazz-funk grooves, Jamiroquai. This time, their 1999 hit 'Canned Heat,' from the album 'Synkronized,' undergoes a transformative journey deeper into the funkmosphere, emerging as a euphoric disco odyssey of epic proportions. Utilizing only the original studio master tapes, this reimagining showcases both the band's unparalleled talent and Dimitri's knack for crafting dancefloor sensations from classic records.

The A-side boasts an extended, nearly 9-minute vocal version of 'Canned Heat,' complemented by a stellar Dubstrumental rendition on the B-side. No repress!