Jaime Read | 2020 EP

Jaime Read

2020 ep



Watts Up




Jaime Read’s first EP after a 5 year break of which unfortunately saw very little studio time - life just goes like that sometimes, but an artist will always return in tough moments such as 2020’s Covid lockdown. Deep, emotional UK techno made with honesty & introspection, taking the mind away from the world’s troubles and triggering hope - positive deep sounds.

Thomas Barnett writes:

Lovely chill & spacey stuff, I had no idea what to expect and I was caught off guard in an awesome way... I really enjoyed closing my eyes and dreaming off into a bigger plane on “Summer...2nd Time”, blissed out with lovely drum programming. Then “Watts Up” took me even further outward beyond the stars and back home again.
Timeless stuff man.