Jacques Renault | Coast to Coast EP


Larry Lenore

Say You

Jean Sefunk


The People Groove

My Left Foot

Good Times

LPH's XXX label ,with full length disco selections from Jacques Renault's Sky Islands RSD project Here's what they say.. "Sky Islands, a full-length album that sought to achieve euphoric disco delight within a wonky conceptual framework; it's his late-night live DJ sets in spirit, organized like a 70s or 80s vinyl megamix , but comprised solely of a couple dozen originals he crafted in the studio....Of course, we realized delivering such an experience, where no “song” is more than about 90 seconds, would do nothing for the working DJ, unless the working DJ is looking to nod off for thirty or take an extended bathroom break. Thus, Coast to Coast, a 12-inch that collects seven of the songs from the LP—in full- length, special-disco-mix, club-ready form”.

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