J-Walk | Mellotronique




City Slicker


Underwater Galaxy

A World Someplace

Winter Moon rendezvous

Hologram Jam

Chill Bien

Equinox Desire

Fait Accompli

The Night Machine

Lovingly recorded at home in lockdown during 2020/21 by Martin 'Brew' Fisher and receiving a very limited cassette release in September 2021.

Mellotronique was on heavy rotation on Jason Boardman's Bluetooth speaker, Jason gave his Stockport based compatriot and friend a call to see if they could collaborate to do a vinyl release 

The LP is a collection of inspired pieces which wears its influences on its sleeve but is uniquely J-Walk, elements of Art Of Noise's bohemian electronica, 1980's Japanese video game cues, electro-funk, street soul, slow motion disco and melodic synth jams all with the crisp percussion, meaty basslines and the spacious production Martin is renowned for.

As Martin states on the original release notes:

Someplace in the scheme of things, this world must touch another...a world where a mutant fantasy strange brew of street soul, electronic funk, slow motion disco and ambient rave can be found and heard, a place of perpetual twilight where the sun and the stars both shine bright...

"Great musicianship... it's all really excellent...sounds like a lost pen-friend from Lille who moved to the Pacific Ocean and sent back paintings..." (Mark Rae)

"Not many producers have been dropping lush laidback beats for as long or as reliably as J-Walk.

In his latest LP, cosmic soulfulness meets low gravity grooviness in this NASA approved synth soaked space station soundtrack.

One for all you space rangers" (The Slow Music Movement).