Idjut Boys | Speedball

Idjut Boys


Label: Droid
Cat No: DROID0722

Status: Landed

12" Backcatalog oc22 Droid Idjut Boys Nu Disco Synth


Speedball (Full Whip version)

Speedball (Severe Itching mix)

Speedball (Strip Off dub)

Speedball (Whizbang mix)

Idjuts go Droid techno-filmscape-euro-monster.

The overexcited young men at the Droid factory up the beats per minute and channel the spirit of other sensible chaps a la John Belushi, River Phoenix and John 'I chose the best exit' Entwhistle on our latest audio laboratory assault. Less terminal, with careful use, perhaps, than a fat fully loaded speedball, we hope man and beast find some musical justice or bemusement in the latest hoedown on offer. We have various takes at various tempos, so bar mitzvah's, weddings and indeed acid house events should be covered for those game enough to get on the Droid bucking bronco...