Holo | In Limbo EP


Holo - In Limbo

Holo - Bleu

Holo - Supersonic

Holo - In Limbo (Dark Mix)

Rising contemporary electronica musician Holo new EP via Houseum’s sub-label Ellipse Records

Hugo Horwood (Holo himself) is originally from Canberra and is currently living in Melbourne, Australia. His music draws from unexpected genres, including pop, classic rock, acid and 90s hip hop, to create a sound that is truly his own. The first track is unique and special - the EP moves through luxurious soundscapes and breaks for a tight quality standout sound - bigger but deep productions

‘Bleu’ is the first introduction into the kaleidoscopic EP that will subvert your expectations from the get-go. With a gradual start, the listener is rewarded for taking the extra time to lean back into the song and explore the multilayered tones of chilled vibes and an inescapable otherworldly realm. The first hint at the artist’s vocal talents, the single leaves the listener begging for more.

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