Hieroglyphic Being | There Is No Acid In This House

Hieroglyphic Being

there is no acid in this house


Communion Of The Highest Order

We Are The Light Vessels

When Situations Get 2 Deep

Look Over There 9 O'Clock

Beyond The Outrage

Frantic Moments

Mephisto's Pulpit Of Stank

Deconstructing The Path

Nights Under The Nubian Sky

Dark Acidic Organs From The Void

Private Runner

Let Me Know How U Really Feel

There Is No Acid In This House (Just Emotions remix)

Dogs Don't Wear Pants

Hieroglyphic Being’s third solo album on Soul Jazz Records, a resolute and powerful statement of Jamal Moss’s raw, vital, pioneering, Afro-Futurist electronic (dance) music. Raw acid house soundscapes.

On his new album, Moss once again draws upon the vast scope of experimentation that has defined Chicago’s musical universe over the last half a century - from the birth of house music with the pioneers Ron Hardy, Marshall Jefferson, Lil Louis and others to the radical avant-garde jazz legacy of the city, The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Sun Ra. Chicago’s musical universe.