Harry Mosco | Peace & Harmony

Harry Mosco

peace & harmony

Label: Isle Of Jura
Cat No: ISLELP004


Backcatalog oc22 Harry Mosco Isle Of Jura


Sexy Dancer

Step On

She's Gone

Peace And Harmony

Peaceful Dub

Do It Together


Back in... Nigerian funk /disco joints! Inc the big tracks ''Sexy Dancer'', ''Step On'' and ''Do It Together''

Official LP reissue of 'Peace & Harmony' by Nigerian funk royalty Harry Mosco, Originally released in 1979.

Isle Of Jura digs deep going back 40 years for the reissue of Harry's 1979 album which is something of an undiscovered gem that touches upon Disco, Funk, Boogie, Soul and Dub. Harry passed away in 2012 and we’ve worked closely with his son on the reissue.

Harry Mosco is best known as the founder of legendary 1970s Nigerian Afro-Funk band The Funkees. Originating as an Army band after the Nigerian Civil War they lead the wave of upbeat music produced by young artists in Nigeria in response to the darkness of the recently concluded civil conflict. Following a notable hit single ‘Akula Owu Onyeara’ the band split in 1977 and Harry pursued a solo career.