GW Edits | Vol 2

GW Edits

vol 2


Two Sides Of Sympathy

Gotta Keep Workin’ It

Working The Illusion

Ouch, this is terrible, or is it? You'll hate or possibly love the mash-ups …

Two of Greg Wilson's best-loved edits/mash-ups (plus a bonus track never previously available).

'Two Sides Of Sympathy' combines a pair of P.T.A. mash-ups built around Amerie, Massive Attack and the Rolling Stones. A signature GW edit, originally pressed in 2007, that would feature in his classic 2009 Essential Mix.

'Gotta Keep Workin' It was a GW mash-up pressed back in 2005, its main elements being PM Dawn (sampling Imagination) and Missy Elliot. It would also find its way into the Essential Mix. A later version, 'Working The Illusion', this time going straight to source with Imagination, whilst retaining Missy Elliot's rap and their vocals , is made available here for the first time as a bonus addition.