Gulf Breeze | Something Strange - On way expected Friday

Gulf Breeze

something strange - on way expected friday


Something Strange (Original Mix)

Something Strange (Mrs & Mrs Do The Business Mix)

Something Strange (Nemo Vachez Alien Garage Remix)

Something Strange (Muelsa Remix)

Sex Tapes From Mars dig out this old nicely cheesy slightly Italo good times house cut from 1995 , rare OG - both original mixes are remastered here. On the B side Nemo Vachez’s Alien Garage Mix is a slinky cut of UKG with added extraterrestrial seasoning. Muelsa provides a genre blurring remix which pays homage to the golden era of house from which the original harks, whilst adding a spin which is entirely of the moment… through a dreamy acid trip that pulls you in multiple directions before resolving into a final blissful trance.