Goiz, Benedek, Liluzu, Calvin, Glue Boy | Open Space Club Tools Vol 1

Goiz, Benedek, Liluzu, Calvin, Glue Boy

open space club tools vol 1


Goiz - Word Problems

Benedek - Donkey Konga

Liluzu - Better Posture

Calvin - 86’em

Glue Boy - Snakes With Human Traits

New Open Space Miami...."As the name suggests, you’ll find a variety of tools handmade by our favorite producer-DJ’s. Sticky drum beats and tricky rhythms for the nearly-extinct club deejay. OSCT01 features Benedek, and John Jones as ‘Calvin’ representing our LA-MIA connection, Lachlan McGeehan aka ‘Liluzu’ from Australia, and of course our Miami boy Goiz; once as himself on the A-side, and again on the B-side under his newest percussion-focused alias ‘Glue Boy’. A mixed bag of hammers, nails, screwdrivers and more… All greased up and ready for whatever the club world may bring your way”.