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Gherkin Jerks

gherkin jerks ep


Psychotic Fantasy


Ecstasy (Original Full Take)

Gherkin Jerks appear on 12” for the first time! Ecstasy is fierce, repeat Ecstasy is fierce,

Three tracks that were included as bonus tracks on the compilation CD from a few years ago are now up for their release on vinyl. All originate from the same Gherkin sessions as Mr. Heard's two outstanding late 80's EP's but were never released as such. The moniker showed a different side to his sonic pallet, and would innovate the acid sound to great FX, influencing a great many of artists in the decades that followed. Psychotic Fantasy eventually made its way to the Dance 2000 Pt. 2 album, while the original full take of Ecstasy and Reznaytor never saw the light of the day.