GB aka Gifted & Blessed | Yamaheaters EP

GB aka Gifted & Blessed

yamaheaters ep







Here we have another offering from GB on his Technoindigenous Studies label. The spirit of all his Gifted & Blessed productions remains, but this time the tools used to create the music differ. Upon finding what he thought was an old broken toy Yamaha keyboard tossed in a trash bin, GB decided to take the toy home and see what it did. For years it sat unused while he kept creating with his usual analogue setup, but he later realised that hidden within the toy keyboard was a vast array of sounds which, via MIDI, he used to produce this offering. Here were have five pieces made with that little old Yamaha synth. This approach sums up what technoindigenous studies is all about: using the technology of those before him to explore uncharted territory with a modern twist.