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Freak Heat Waves

mondo tempo

Label: Mood Hut
Cat No: MH030

Status: Landed

Downtempo Freak Heat Waves house LP Mood Hut


The Time Has Come

In a Moment Divine (With Cindy Lee)


Music Has an Interesting Power

How Do We Come Alive

Off My Mind

Altered States

Mondo Tempo

New Mood Hut from Freak Heat Waves featuring Canadian underground legend Cindy Lee… ltd to 300 copies.

Freak Heat Waves have been steadily amassing a cult following and earning acclaim from both critics and underground aficionados alike. Their music is a heady cocktail that defies easy categorization, blending elements of post-punk, psych, dub, ambient, house, and techno. Their eclectic sound has served as the soundtrack to countless DIY punk shows, outsider galleries and sleazy discos, establishing the duo as iconoclasts with a reputation for ignoring expectations and subverting genre conventions.